Become an Entrepreneur

I know most of you reading this post are law enforcement, sportsmen/women or gun enthusiasts.   You may be winding down your wonderful career or maybe just tired of it and ready to cut out early or perhaps you have some extra time and would like to start a side business. What ever your reason for reading this post I hope it helps and you get results.  These rules were learned from reading many business books and real life experience.

I found in my law enforcement career karma can be a B*%#£.  It can also be very nice but that depends on you. What the hell am I talking about?  Simply put, you can't get help unless you’re willing to help.  Roll Call has had tremendous support from you and I thank you for that. I want to reciprocate and give you some tips that may help you in you endeavors in the business world.

Tip 1. Help others!
 In the business word it's not just about you. You’re looking for customers, right? Well I personally know a lot of business people who, well lets just say, thought they were the customer.  Allow me to explain. What ever business you're in, you must remember one thing, you're the boss of the people you pay only.  Not to confuse the word boss with the word a#*hole, but that's another story. The customer is always right unless you don't want them as a customer anymore then you're right; but keep in mind an angry customer will cost you more than your pride so swallow it. That customer is in front of you because he or she had done business with you or may do business with you. Let me translate "doing business", giving you their hard earned money. Don't forget every dollar they don't give you is a dollar they give your competitor. That's a two dollar swing.

Tip 2. Honesty is the best policy!
I prefer to say honesty is the only policy.  The days of the slick car salesman (no disrespect to car salesman, I used to be one for a short time) are gone. You can't, nor should you, bull shit anyone these days especially a customer. To take their money based on a lie is immoral and criminal. Ok, I'm not trying to teach ethics here but I had to say it. Now, in today's market people are sometimes more informed than you are in your field. Even if they are not, don't argue because.....the customer is always right. Today is the Information Age and people more now than ever can see through lies and they can equally tell if someone is genuine.   A few hundred years ago people did not break the law because they thought they would be cursed by some witch. Our fellow Americans are just not that gullible today. Believe me, keep it real, keep it honest, don't insult intelligence and your customers or potential customers will appreciate it.

Tip 3. Do NOT limit your abilities!
Alright, I am going to stay true to tip 2 here. No, a not so bright person is not going up in the next Apollo launch. A person who runs 6.2 second 40 is not making the NFL.   That's not our fault.  That's what God gave you. What did God give all of us? Heart. No one can say you have no heart. That's from within. That's a choice not a handicap. You and only you can decide to have passion and determination. The greatest part about this in relation to the business world is that we are all even. This is the place where you don't have to be the smartest, fastest, or prettiest. You only have to want it, then get it.

 The excuse of I have no money, I don't have those connections, I can't compete with their money is what I like to call the looser attitude. Not calling you a loser but calling your attitude the loser. The best news is that if you have this attitude you can wake up tomorrow and have it gone. I don't know what is going to make you light your internal flame.  I truly hope this post will do it. I may not know you but believe it or not I know a bit about you. You’re reading this post. The flame is inside just give it some oxygen, believe in yourself and feel the passion. Once you feed your inner flame there is no telling what you can do. No one can tell, not even you. You will know once you're involved. By then it's too late, you're a businessman or woman.

Tip 4. Do NOT limit your worth!
When starting a business be sure to have a plan. A plan for today, tomorrow, and next month. Don't forget to have a plan for the next year. Not having a plan is not having a goal. I like to make a big goal for two or three years out. I then give it hell with the hopes I reach my goal early, I'm talking one or two years early.  My long term goals are not to make an extra 2k. My long term goals are to make an extra 2 mil. I don't care what you make today or what you think you're worth, all that matters is what you believe you're worth. If you can't wrap your head around being a millionaire you are shorting yourself 900 plus K.

Once you have the belief in your mind of what your worth then you can start working your plan. Don't let one day go by with out making some kind of forward progress. I don't care if it's just thoughts. Thoughts lead to ideas which ultimately leads to production and money.

Tip 5.  Steady does it!
Let me start off with an example of steady does it. When I was a teenager I worked at a local Golds Gym which was one of the most fun I had at a job. Here comes the new year. Sign ups are through the roof with folks ready to meet their New Years resolution and goal.  The gym is packed and your waiting in a line just to use the water cooler. Where else is there a line? At the weight scale. I would find myself calming the regular members who were bitching because they can't get on a machine by telling them, relax, this won't last long, give it a few weeks and most members you will never see again.  I said this not because I had no faith in the new members. I said this because even at an early age I began to figure the human nature part of us out.  Most people need Instant results. They just put 3 hrs in at the gym they should have lost 3 pounds.

I compare working out to business. Don't weigh yourself everyday just keep your goal in mind. Before you know it you’re wearing your high school jeans that you found in your parents' attic.   In business if you stay focused, work every day before you know it, you're looking back at the 1993 Cavalier you used to take to your company's sales meetings. Keep your eye on the goal not the empty check book. It's discouraging and counter productive.

In closing:
I would like to add that writing this was supposed to give some hopeful entrepreneurs insight into my personality and views on business and offer them helpful tips in becoming successful one day. After reading what I wrote I came to discover these are not tips to a good business. These are tips to a good life. Every tip can be transformed into a goal you may wish to achieve. Goals such as a big promotion, a new job or building the best internet company. What ever you wish to do or become, feel free to take from this post what you will and make it your own. Stay safe!

Joe Harris Blog Author
Co-Founder of Roll Call, LLC


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