The Best Concealed Carry Gun

As a firearms instructor and a firearms dealer I am often asked what the best gun to carry is. My response is quite simple. Carry the biggest highest capacity gun you're willing to carry every day of your life. Let me explain. Forget about the caliber for a bit. The only thing I suggest to go along with carry the biggest baddest gun you're willing to carry is make sure it's of good quality. What is a gun of good quality? Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, and so on. If I were to carry a revolver I would probably go with Smith. If I were to carry a semi I would suggest a Ruger, Glock or Smith. There are many other makes that work well. Just remember cheaper is not better. Go with what is proven. As for quality you can always ask your trusted arms dealer. I do like researching some blogs like this one. Anyone who takes the time to write about guns more often than not knows something about a gun's performance, but don't just read one or two blogs, read several. Back to the carry the biggest gun you're willing to carry everyday. Please be realistic and honest with yourself. A Glock 26 9mm is a great gun to have when things go south but thinking this will be an easily concealed gun will probably leave you unarmed when it goes down. The gun has all the right stuff: 9mm, high capacity and even reliability. The issue is the gun is bulky and will be uncomfortable for most concealed carry persons but if you can deal with that gun in your waist, go for it.

The big question is what's the right caliber? Let me cut to the chase. I carry a Ruger LCP which is a small 380 cal. More than once I told fellow cops what I carry daily. I was told the 380 round will only piss the attacker off. Still none of the hecklers are willing to take a bullet from the 380. So if it's a question of who's more macho, I would lose to the guy carrying a 45. That's usually not the case because my question to them is, of course, what are you carrying? I've heard Colt Commander or Glock 26 or any other gun that's tougher than mine. My next question is where is it? 9 out of 10 times it's at the house or in the car. I think I made my point with that argument.

The end of the story concludes with me suggesting you carry the biggest baddest gun you're willing to carry everyday like you would your cellphone. And like I always tell people during these debates is, I'd rather carry a .22 than a baseball bat to the fight. Big calibers are nice and are often more effective than smaller calibers but don't base your final decision on that. Ammunition has come a long way in the past years. Carry what you will honestly carry.

Joe Harris Blog Author
Co-Founder of Roll Call, LLC


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